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Greenmeadow Poultry

Traditional Utility Breed Hens and Ducks

My Breeds

I keep Barnevelders and Salmon Faverolles for their dual-purpose utility and Cream Legbars, for their pretty, blue-green eggs. I am also experimenting with a Barnebar/Legbar cross to try and produce olive eggs.

I also breed bantam Millefleur Pekins, bantam quail-coloured Barbu d'Anvers and bantam Silver Sebrights.

I have a small number of Khaki Campbell laying ducks and Japanese Coturnix laying quail and this year I have added a breeding pair of white Chinese Geese.

This year I have also started a very new venture with a breeding pair of Standard Rex rabbits.

For Sale

We have hatching-eggs and home-hatched birds for sale all year round (depending on fertilty).

Hatching eggs £1 per egg, collected. I am not posting eggs this season unless I have already taken an order.

Young birds start at £5 unsexed, to £30 at POL.

Free Range Eggs

We sell free-range eggs from chickens, duck and quail at our door in Bagborough and at Minehead Farmers' Market weekly on a Friday.

We also supply some local hotels and guest houses.

UK Producer Number 1UK21754.


I run courses on poultry-keeping for both beginners and the more experienced.

I have kept chickens in both a smallholding and a back-garden setting at various times. I have a Further Education Teaching Certificate and used to teach in the Community Education Service.


A series of articles about poultry-keeping and some links to other useful sites.

From hatching to despatching, hints and tips to help you along.

Cheryl Arvidson,
West Bagborough
Nr Taunton

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My mobile reception is sometimes unreliable. Please leave a message and I will call back.

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