Despatch, Pluck & Dress

This is a very hands on course. Under supervison you will learn how to despatch a bird using the ‘broomstick method’, then pluck and eviscerate ready for table. You may bring your own birds to despatch under supervision if you wish.

  • Despatching using the ‘broomstick method’.
  • Plucking.
  • Preparing for table.
  • 3.5 hours, usually 9.30pm to 1pm.
  • Can be run as a bolt-on to ‘from hatch to despatch’ as a whole day course from 9.30am to 4pm-ish, to include lunch.
  • One bird per family to take home.
  • Runs on demand subject to availablity of birds to despatch.

It would be helpful if you could bring/wear:

  • Old clothes and shoes that clean easily or are washable.
  • A kitchen apron.
  • A sharp kitchen knife and boning shears if you have them (don’t buy any specially, but it would be helpful if you could bring them if you have them).
  • Ice packs and/or a chiller bag.

I provide gloves.

I leave it to parental discretion regarding whether it is appropriate for your children to participate in despatching/plucking/dressing. I’m happy to teach children who are comfortable with it and I give plenty of time for everyone on a course to decide whether they want hands-on experience on not.